Home Sweet Home Ministries

Ministry Partnership Program

Church Leaders,        

        Home Sweet Home Ministries is thrilled to be surrounded by such a supportive and generous community. One way that we love partnering with our community is by working together with local churches throughout the year. One such partnership is our Night in a Car: Ministry Partnership Program

        Through our Ministry Partnership Program, we work together with local church leadership to partner together in driving out homelessness. This takes many forms.

        First, we work with you to educate your congregation on the difficulties experienced by people in our very own Bloomington/Normal community. This can involve providing printed materials, educational video content, or sending someone to come meet and speak with your congregation on a Sunday morning (or whenever is convenient for you!)

        In addition to education, we also want to provide the church with opportunities to make a difference. It's important to take the knowledge that we gain as followers of Christ and use it to make a change in the community and, ultimately, the Kingdom of God. There are many ways to take action while partnering together. Through the Night in a Car: Ministry Partnership Program, we will encourage your congregation to sign up for Night in a Car with Home Sweet Home Ministries. Night in a Car is A homelessness simulation that shines a spotlight on the hidden aspect of homelessness that many in our community experience--living in their cars. Participants will "live" out of their cars during the overnight hours. In addition to signing up to spend a night in their cars in the dead of winter, we will encourage participants to spend the weeks or months leading up to the event fundraising. We provide many helpful materials to encourage and educate on fundraising for this specific event. The beautiful outcome of this program is that your people will not only be taking an action as a congregation and making a major difference that benefits many of their brothers and sisters in the community, but also developing a whole new level empathy for the community around them. 

Are you a lead pastor, youth pastor or small group leader intereted in partnering together to make a difference while simultaneously developing a new level of empathy as a congregation? Contact us about the Ministry Partnership Program!

Call (309) 828-7356 and ask for Leslie.