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Eastview Community Center

Eastview Community Center

Jesus spoke many times about the importance of helping those in need. While we know we cannot meet all the needs in our community, the Community Center team and Community members are are committed to exemplifying the abundant grace and love we have been given. We hope that by demonstrating the ridiculous love of God to people in our community, by raising awareness about homelessness and give back to our community is just one step. The truth of the matter is to educate our community to this risk that many people unexpectedly face. Chronic homeless is mainly due to mental health problems and or addictions of some sort, while others are homeless temporarily because of a job loss, inability to afford housing and some are fleeing domestic violence. Difficult circumstances come up and cant be controlled. A shelter can provide individuals with a place to shower, eat and sleep. Home Sweet Home is also able to provide case management and educational services to help transition people out of homelessness. Please consider giving to a wonderful pillar of our community and help us not only meet our goal but surpast it! God Bless.

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Jason Jennings

Greg Cave

Marcus Shaw

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