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Freezing with Love

Freezing with LoveThere was a time in my life when we lived week to week, trying to keep the lights on and put food on the table. While my mom worked very hard to pay the bills, there was a season that we needed assistance with food and bills. I am so grateful for places like Home Sweet Home Ministries that walk along side of families that need help overcoming seasons of challenge. Now, I have a home and a car and a growing family. I’m grateful for what we have and the privilege of warm nights in warm beds. That’s why I will continue to do a “Night in a Car” raising funds for those who are really sleeping in their cars and raising awareness regarding a form of homelessness that can easily go unnoticed. Please join me and the many others spending a “Night in a Car” and fight back against homelessness! Help me hit $1000 in a week. We can do this! We are Better Together!

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