Home Sweet Home Ministries

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HDFS Cares!

HDFS Cares!

We are a group of faculty and students from the Human Development and Family Science program in the Department of Family & Consumer Sciences at Illinois State University. We are participating to support the services offered by Home Sweet Home Ministries and to raise our own awareness of the experiences of homeless individuals in our community.

Meet The Team

Jordan Schaefer

Bailey Knudsen

Sam Riley Miller

Savannah Harpel

Caitlin Clay

Danica Dinelli


Madison Dixon

Maggie Joyce

Rachel Rymer

Aimee Shere

Trey Potts

Olivia Lalk

Ibra Hughes

Alexandra Bettini

Tom Berard


Cody Rott

Micaela serafini

Tammy Harpel

Samantha Kesler