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I'm just a regular Guy who wants to do his part in ending homelessness. For many people, homelessness is not a choice, or it may be the best of the worst choices. Many people are living in situations where they are not safe, fleeing from domestic violence, living with extreme mental health or extreme physical health conditions, or there could be extreme situations that just put us in a situation that could make us homeless, such as a loss of a job or economic downturns. In a sense all of us could be one step away from being in the same situation of those we are serving. So I believe it is important for me as a social service worker to put myself in in the shoes of those who I serve so I do not lose sight of why I serve the public. I hope to gain a better understanding and therefore gain more empathy towards those I serve. So I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of night in a car.

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Jesse Ponnambalam