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My goal is to try and educate as many people as possible about homelessness. Please read this and share the information. Mclean County evictions increased nearly triple since 2018. There’s a lot going on in our community with record numbers facing housing instability from a tight housing market and a lack of affordable housing in Bloomington-Normal. Unsheltered homelessness which includes people living in their cars is rising. Up 30 percent. The pandemic has made homelessness more visible. Vehicle residency, people living in their cars, is now one of the fastest growing forms of homelessness. In Illinois just over 10,000 people experience homelessness daily. 10 percent of those are families. 8 percent are veterans. About 54,000 IL public high school students experience homelessness at some time during the year.  U.S. Council on Homelessness. My primary goal is just educated people to this risk that people face. (Only about 20 percent are chronic homeless people (mainly due to mental health problems), most people are homeless temporarily because of a job loss, inability to afford a home making minimum wage, or fleeing domestic violence). Unexpected problems can come up and put families in difficult circumstances that can’t be controlled. If you would like to contribute your contribution helps with providing shelter and educational services to transition people out of homelessness.

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