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THE BEEZI'm DeeDee I'm 58 and disabled w/Bipolar Disorder and Chronic Pain in the low back and also have Fibromyalgia. My daughter Lily is 15 and is attending Online School for her freshman year.I became fully disabled after Lily was born. Our house burnt down when Lily turned 2 months old. It was a total loss. Her father/my live-in boyfriend ended up taking almost all the insurance money, so I could not rebuild. Lily and I had to move to a terrible apartment in a very sketch neighborhood in Blm. I could no longer pay rent or bills, my disability had not gone through. We were a few weeks away from homelessness. I contacted Junior Senator Obama's office and they actually got right on it. I received a letter from Sen. Obama telling me personally that I would receive my SSDI with two weeks. He kept his promise. I was frightened for me and my baby of becoming homeless or losing my baby to fostercare. So even though I had to pay the lawyers for it, I took it into my own hands, and got us out of a horrible ordeal. Because the Lord was on our side, we now appreciate how close we all are to homelessness.

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