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Why Not Me 2

Why Not Me 2

Let's do it Again! Yes, we are volunteering to Spend the Night in A Car on Feb 1, 2019 to help bring awareness to the hidden and not so hidden Homeless Community here in Bloomington-Normal. The money raised will go to our community through the Home Sweet Home Mission (HSHM) to help the Homeless. Yes it will be cold on Feb 1, 2019 and I can still remember the chills that I felt from the past Feb 2018 Night in a Car....but it does not compare to the pain that the homeless feel daily.  Originally, I never even thought about me being the one to spend the night in the car.   I sent notices to everyone to get them to do it when suddenly I asked myself, "Why Not Me?"  It was then I pledged to do it and the experience was so rewarding that  I promised that I would do it again next year.  Our team has graduated to the name, "Why Not Me 2."   My daughter Collyssa & my son, Ryan Beaulieu will join me again. Psalms 23 states, "My Cup Runneth Over.." it does so we can help others and make a positive difference.  There by the grace of God go I. Give today - Every dollar helps!

Meet The Team

Willie Holton Halbert

Collyssa Beaulieu

Ryan Beaulieu