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African American Forum-Cold For A Cause

African American Forum-Cold For A Cause The African American Forum is an Employee Resource Group at State Farm. This is our 3rd year raising awareness and fundraising for those experiencing homelessness. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, an unstable economy, and many other factors, the homeless population continues to grow nationwide. Historically, marginalized racial and ethnic groups are far more likely to experience homelessness and the need to raise awareness is greater than ever. We are humbled by this simulation experience and the generosity of our community to help us meet our goal!

Meet The Team

Timia Jacobs


Tanya Johnson-Thompson

Natasha Piper

Delilah Johnson

Phantasia Terrell

I.B. Don-Pedro

Shauna Brown Redmond

LaTara Rivers

Emmia Sykes

Natashia Brown

Ursula Crooks

Lisa Redd

Alicia Ingram

Erin Ensenberger