Home Sweet Home Ministries

Event Activities


Home Sweet Home is thrilled that you could join us. Please see below for materials that will hopefully keep you active and engaged as you spend a night in your car. As you go along, if you come across something that you want to discuss further or simply have a question, please reach out to any HSHM staff on site or post a question to our NIAC Facebook group. We hope you have fun exploring and learning more about Home Sweet Home and just how important your support is. Thank you!

*Starred items are included in your packets.

  • Line of Life Activity*
    • Discover how your background, experiences, and current situation have given you a head start in life or caused you to overcome barriers.
  • Bloomington Public Library Bookmobile
    • Enjoy watching and listening to Bloomington Public Library's Collen Shaw as she chats about the powerful book "Evicted" and reads "Home", a children's book about struggling to find a place to call home.  
  • How Vulnerable Are You?*
    • Read through some discussion questions and share at the end how vulnerable you're feeling.
  • Word Search*
    • This needs to be printed out if you wish to fill it out.
    • Just a simple word search about HSHM to help pass the time. 

Additional Online Resources:

    • This is an online game about poverty and the challenges it brings forth for each and every person.
  • Hobson's Choice
    • This is a very simple online simulation. This one tries your patience!