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Ferret Lady SUV

Ferret Lady SUVHi, Im Nikkole, the Ferret Lady. I will be alone in my SUV for this event, none of my ferret children will be with me. That would definitely make for an interesting night though!This is my first time participating. After donating a couple of times to my dear friend Rev. Debbies Night in a Car over the years, Ive decided to participate myself. Ive heard her speak about working at HSHM and seeing the effects of homelessness firsthand.I have never personally experienced homelessness, but I had a friend in high school who lived in a motel here in town. I watched them struggle with their mental health and the issues their parents faced as well. Being a teen and trying to avoid the topic of where you live or your friends asking why you never invite them over, its a difficult situation to be in.Ive had my own battle with mental health and am not afraid to talk about it. We need to bring more awareness to it and remove the stigma. Especially in those who are experiencing homelessness. The many thoughts and emotions they have on a daily basis, that is just a piece of what they deal with. Living in a tent or living out of their car, sleeping on someones couch. Being homeless can mean so many different things.Please support me in raising funds for those who may need help getting back on their feet, need something to eat or a warm place to stay. The world could use more compassion and kindness. Thank you!

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