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Redbirds Out and About All Night

Redbirds Out and About All NightThe “third time's the charm” so our team is back to help raise money for Home Sweet Home Mission for the third year in a row and we're hoping to raise over $1,000 as we did each of the first two times we participated! As ISU Redbirds, we care about our campus and the community around us. Homelessness is an issue we should all be aware of because we know that anyone can fall on hard times and lose their homes, whether they be students or our neighbors. Being there to help each other in times of need is what makes us all human. We are also lucky we have families, friends and colleagues who have always been there to support our fundraising efforts. The Redbirds Out and About All Night Team welcomes everyone's support again this year!!

Meet The Team

Narry Kim

Dave Bentlin

Christa Lawhun